Lin Reid

Hi. Lin Reid here. I created Manuka Me Better for people interested in learning about Manuka honey.

The scientific research around Manuka honey and it’s beneficial therapeutic properties is relatively young. There is still plenty we have to learn about Manuka honey and scientists continue to research new applications for it’s antimicrobial qualities. Unfortunately, this means there is a lot of confusing (and sometimes misleading) information about Manuka honey and Manuka products scattered around the internet.

My goal for Manuka Me Better is to be a thoroughly researched resource that people can use to get reliable information about the benefits of Manuka honey.

I’ll occasionally review Manuka products and provide a recommendation if I believe it’s a quality product. I’ll also point out if I think a product is a dud. There are a handful of products (and there always are) that use vague terminology or proprietary quality grading systems that, at best, are confusing and, at worst, are outright misleading. I’ll do my best to help you avoid these products.

If you want to support Manuka Me Better, you can purchase one of the products that we review (at no additional cost to you) through one of our affiliate links that shows the product on Amazon.com. If you purchase one of our reviewed products through Amazon and keep it, I (sometimes) earn a small commission. If you purchase a product, decide that it’s junk and return it, I don’t earn anything. I think it’s a pretty fair system and helps support the research I do. I promise you that any product I review will be thoroughly researched and reviewed without bias based on financial gain.